Design Drawings

2think offers all the CAD (Computer Aided Design) services you need to complete such drawings for presentation, collaboration and manufacturing.

Once a client’s idea has been fully “flushed out” either by themselves or 2think, as in Tier #1 and/or #2, Tier #3 concentrates on those tasks necessary for the physicalization of the idea. Depending upon the nature of the invention, whether it’s a consumer product or a purely mechanical solution, we will discuss several industrial design aspects of the consumer product or mechanical solution, respectfully. After such discussions, the required 2D/3D drawings for the invention will begin using Solid Edge as the preferred drawing tool, having the ability to export all predominate CAD part formats , including, but not limited to the following:

  • .STL (3D Printing)
  • .PAR (Native Solid Edge)
  • .IGES
  • .STEP
  • .X_T
  • .SAT
  • .DXF (2D)
  • .DWG (2D)
  • .PDF


In addition to this drawing phase, there will also be in depth discussions relating to materials the invention will likely use in prototype/production manufacturing. Out of all the steps in a product’s development lifecycle, the work accomplished in Tier #3 is the most comprehensive and iterative: we keep repeating this phase of work until a final design of the invention has been arrived at. The end product of this Tier is either a fully functional prototype worthy of presentation for marketing the idea to licensees and/or proceeding to the next Tier and thereafter.