Intellectual Property Protection

2think knows the basics of IP (Intellectual Property) protection and can help you navigate through this oh-so-important facet of "idea protection".

This Tier is NOT a “functional” requirement for any product, however, it is highly recommend, in that, IF the client wishes to protect their idea, now fully defined by all the above Tiers, the next logical action to take is to protect their idea. This is accomplished via the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In order to submit your idea to the USPTO, it is, for the most part, advantageous for a client to secure the services of a well known and time tested IP law firm. 2think has such IP resources, not only that would assist in protecting their idea here in the USA but throughout the world, if a client so chooses. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA’s) creation is also part of this service if the client requires such documents. 2think also maintains a relationship with one of the most successful IP law firms in the business to further assist you in obtaining an officially "issued" patent from the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). In addition, if you so choose, the firm can also assist you in making application to foreign country's patent offices as well.